The fairs are timeless, they are very useful: interview to Francesco D’Elia, Simply Education Travel

Simply Education Travel, founded in 2007, is a travel operator specialized in language programs, work experience and internships abroad. The headquarters is in Latina, 30 miles south of Rome. In ETN Focus, we interviewed the Managing Director, Mr. Francesco D’Elia, who has illustrated his interesting reality in the world of training courses abroad.

Hi Francesco, it’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to interview you. As you have been working in the field of training abroad for many years, what are the positive aspects of this job?

Hi Alessandra, thank you. Well, there are so many positive aspects of my work but above all the possibility to interact with the whole world. This allows work and passion to go hand in hand.

Are there also problems and difficulties?

Problems… Well sometimes… The truth is that there are no real problems, perhaps some difficulties. The only difficulty, if I have to be honest, is with the Italian bureaucracy. Honestly, I work better with foreign schools and universities.

What is the age range with which you work the most and which are the most requested destinations?

Our customers are between 11 and 35 or 40 years old. We offer various types of programs so we could satisfy everyone’s needs. Our main destinations are: England, Ireland and Malta but we are also working a lot with schools in the USA and Canada.

What is the growing trend among students?

As far as I am concerned, Simply Education Travel works with most are language courses, High School Programs and the school year abroad.

So when you attend international fairs, do you prefer to meet these schools? And what is the advantage of participating in fairs?

The advantage of participating in trade fairs is truly immense: learning new things, meeting personally school representatives. The fairs are timeless for me; it is essential to participate. I participate in various types of fairs, both at large and small level, because these events are all very useful. For me it is useful to meet various types of schools to have an increasingly large portfolio. I prefer small fairs if they are varied because it is easier to create meaningful connections.

Well, what kind of international school would you like to meet in a future fair?

I would like to meet all types of operators, from all countries. I don’t deny that I would like to meet Australian schools and t work experience providers; maybe schools with connections to companies for work placement or foreign companies which accept Italian students for a training course or internships.

I work with schools which offer language courses and above all schools which allow to attend school year abroad… this is really interesting for me.

Well Francesco, thank you so much for the time you have dedicated to us and I hope to meet you at our next event in September in Milan.

Thanks to you! I hope to be able to attend your event and connect with several international schools.  It is always a pleasure for me to take part to these international events!

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