INPSIEME, the scholarship for Italian students who want to study abroad

INPSIEME is a well known program funded by INPS (the largest social security and welfare institution in Italy) that every year gives to hundreds of secondary school students the opportunity to live a language learning experience abroad during the summer period.

With Inpsieme, eligible students can live a language learning experience abroad in groups or as individual with a guaranteed accompanying tutor (1 per 20 students) during the summer in June, July and August.
Students have the opportunity to improve their language skills in qualified colleges or language schools in the official language of the destination country.
The learning experience can take place in any European or Extra European Country: this is an innovation introduced in 2018, as for previous editions students could only go to European Countries.

The scholarships offered by INPS cover the costs related to travel, local transport, inscription fees, room and board.

The maximum grant assigned to each student is of 2.000 euro and it has to be used to cover totally or partially the following services:

Accommodation – in residences, colleges or families

Travel – return flight tickets including transfer from and to the closest airport in the destination country

Subsistence in full board

The fee for the language course for the whole duration of the stay


The language course of at least 15 hours per week

  • Final Certificate issued by the school

The duration of the stay must be of 15 days/14 nights

The INPSIEME scholarship is very popular among Italian students who every years grab this opportunity to go study abroad.  In 2019 INPS assigned 22.930 such scholarships to eligible Italian students with a total budget of almost 45 million euros.

So be ready for the forthcoming 2020 INPSIEME call!

If you want to know more about Inpsieme, you can attend the ETN Focus in Naples, 5-6 March.

Here’s the link with all the info: PON, INPSIEME e ITACA Focus

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