Fairs, new trends and student preferences: interview to Debora Piva, FulviaTour

ETN Focus's sixth appointment with the world of education. This time we spoke to Debora Piva, Head of Group Travel of FulviaTour, agency of Adria (Ro). Fairs, new trends and student preferences are some of the topics covered during the interview.
Posted On 25 Jun 2019

90% of students prefers large centers and college accommodation: interview to Davide Schembri, Il Tuareg

Here we are with another episode of the ETN Focus meetings with the main players of the world of education. This time we talk to Davide Schembri, Marketing Manager of “Il Tuareg” agency in Palermo. In this interview with Alessandra Martinelli (Head of International...
Posted On 04 Jun 2019

The most popular destinations are the UK, Ireland and Malta: interview to Roberto Vecchio Ruggeri, Viaggio & Apprendo

What are the growing trends in the education sector? Is it really important to attend fairs? What are the difficulties faced by those who work in this field? These (and others) are the themes developed by Alessandra Martinelli (Head of International Relations for ETN Focus)...
Posted On 29 May 2019

The best ones are the schools that offer experiences: interview to Feliciano Marcantonio, Eurotour Viaggi

Here’s a new episode of The ETN Focus interviews with the protagonists of the training world. Alessandra Martinelli, Marketing Assistant of ETN focus, meets Feliciano Marcantonio, owner of Eurotour Viaggi in Pescara (Italy). Here is what was said during their chat. Enjoy the...
Posted On 23 May 2019

The fairs are timeless, they are very useful: interview to Francesco D’Elia, Simply Education Travel

Simply Education Travel, founded in 2007, is a travel operator specialized in language programs, work experience and internships abroad. The headquarters is in Latina, 30 miles south of Rome. In ETN Focus, we interviewed the Managing Director, Mr. Francesco D’Elia, who has...
Posted On 20 May 2019

Language schools are the growing trend: interview to Cinzia Recupero, Language Links by Tatami Viaggi

One of the main purposes of ETN Focus is to give agents the opportunity to offer to young people the best schools and the best universities in the world and to be able to meet the training and economic needs of the market. In this regard we have interviewed Cinzia Recupero,...
Posted On 09 May 2019

Erika Rodriguez, Studies Planet: I was an international student myself

Our FREE webinar “Explore new student recruitment opportunities in Latin America” is on today! Just a few hours left before we start our journey into the sea of Latin American student mobility specifics. We’d like to use the time to present you with...
Posted On 27 Jun 2017

Carmen Jaramillo, VP of COICEC: Ecuador is a family oriented society

As previously announced, we’re hosting a FREE webinar on topic “Explore new student recruitment opportunities in Latin America“. Our goal is to provide international educators interested in the Latin American region with current information about key...
Posted On 26 Jun 2017

Maria Consultancy: Visiting Institutions Plays A Vital Role In Our Business

Use of agencies is becoming a cornerstone student recruitment strategy for institutions that focus on student body internationalisation and diversification. Furthermore, finding the right partner agency can be key to successful student retention, too. International education...
Posted On 13 Feb 2017

CollegeCouncil: Enduring Excellence For More Than 12 Years

There is one key step on the road to successful student body internationalization and diversification. And this is growing a healthy partnership between education providers and qualified student recruitment agents. That is why today we launch a special new interactive...
Posted On 02 Dec 2016