Language schools are the growing trend: interview to Cinzia Recupero, Language Links by Tatami Viaggi

One of the main purposes of ETN Focus is to give agents the opportunity to offer to young people the best schools and the best universities in the world and to be able to meet the training and economic needs of the market.

In this regard we have interviewed Cinzia Recupero, International Studies Consultant of the “Language Links by Tatami Viaggi” Agency in Brescia.

We talked about her job, the trend of the moment and the events dedicated to this sector.

Here is the full interview.

Cinzia, you work as International Studies Consultant for the “Language Links by Tatami Viaggi”. What does your work consist of?

I work as a consultant and my role is to send people to study abroad; mostly, I work with language schools.

You said you are a consultant, so what are the things your clients demand the most?

Lately, what they ask the most is to do a work experience abroad (even unpaid) but unfortunately this area is still unexplored and these days we still have few contacts.
It might be a good idea to offer to students a language course combined with an internship, a work experience.

Another thing many students are asking are affordable language schools and universities; we are not talking about the prestigious ones with very high fees but those that have lower fees. However,  satisfying this request is not so easy. At the moment I’m doing research, let’s see how it goes.

However, the main request is the language course accompanied by an internship, a training experience.

What is the fastest growing trend at the moment?

What students are requiring at the moment are language schools, but what is growing more and more is a trend related to the accommodation: interest in host family accommodation is always higher than for boarding school.

Except for the students in the first experience, all the others prefer to stay with a host family because it’s a good way to improve their language skills and because it’s a chaper solution.

Changing the subject, agents fairs in your business are a great occasion to network and build relationships. Do you prefer to attend large or small fairs?

Large fairs are interesting but often a tour de force and in the end maybe not very useful because they are becoming more and more dispersive and it’s getting hard to remind everything. Furthermore, 10 minutes for the One to One Meeting are not enough and meeting 300 schools is very often a mission impossible.

At this point the format of the smaller fairs turns out to be a winner.

Do you like the ETN Focus setting?

The thing I like the most about the ETN Focus is that there are targeted and heterogeneous meetings: there are not only language schools but the programs are different and there is a varied offer.

It’s a very organized event and the informal relationships that are created are super positive; further to that, you do a great job for us: you select schools, so you free us from this task.

Well Cinzia, thank you for your time and I hope to see you again at the next ETN Focus in Milan!

You are welcome! As soon as I receive the invitation I will be happy to register.

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