The best ones are the schools that offer experiences: interview to Feliciano Marcantonio, Eurotour Viaggi

Here’s a new episode of The ETN Focus interviews with the protagonists of the training world.

Alessandra Martinelli, Marketing Assistant of ETN focus, meets Feliciano Marcantonio, owner of Eurotour Viaggi in Pescara (Italy).

Here is what was said during their chat. Enjoy the reading!

Hi Feliciano, first of all: how long has Eurotour been working in this sector?

Hi Alessandra. We have been organizing stays in Italy and abroad for almost 30 years; Eurotour Viaggi is a Tour Operator with consolidated professionalism specialized in the field of school tourism, social tourism, group travel and individual travel.

The difficult but at the same time fascinating thing about my job is to make the needs of traditional tourism meet with those of school tourism. It’s complicated but stimulating to make students and young people understand that they are going to live study experience and not a holiday.

What is the growing sector? And what are the most frequent requests?

What most customers ask are are Language courses, which are more popular than summer camps.

Some also require boarding schools, housing in college but often they choose the language course and homestay accommodation because it’s within everyone’s reach.

Do you think it’s interesting to participate in fairs? Do you prefer large or small fairs?

In large fairs there is the possibility to meet various types of schools. The large fairs are heterogeneous but they are impersonal: in a few minutes you can hardly know or understand what kind of services they offer.

I go to fairs because it is important to know the partner personally. If I look for a school on the internet I don’t have direct contact. I also attend fairs because they are a real starting point for marketing of services

But I prefer small fairs; they are much more focused and personalized and allow to consider important aspects that might seem secondary. During the small fairs it’s easier to negotiate and learn more about the product.

If you were to attend an upcoming ETN fair, who would you like to meet?

You know it’s always a pleasure for me to participate in ETN Focus. At an upcoming event I would like to meet schools that offer experiences so maybe the language course + thematic experience (thematic insights like sports, art, adventure) or schools that offer language courses + internships and guarantee services such as accommodation.

What’s the reason why you have chosen to come back to our events?

I go back to the ETN events because there is a combination with the opportunities and above all with the providences made available for the operators. You do work for us and allow us to expand our opportunities. You give us the opportunity to learn and therefore you offer us the opportunity to grow.

Well, thank you very much and I hope you will return to one of the next ETN Focus. See you soon

Thank you, Alessandra. See you soon.

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