Ireland and France are the new trend for the Mexican students: interview to Rodolfo Robles, Viajes Nuevo Leon S.A.

Here’s a new episode of the ETN Focus interview. Alessandra Martinelli, Head of International Relations for ETN Focus, has spoken with Rodolfo Robles, General Director for the Mexican agency Viajes Nuevo Leon S.A.. Let’s see how it went.

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Hi Alessandra, how are you?

Hi Rodolfo, I am very well, thank you. What about you?

I’m fine too, thank you very much. I am very happy to give this interview for ETN Focus.

Thank you very much, the pleasure is ours. Well, I’d like to open this interview by talking about  Viajes Nuevo Leon, your agency.

Well, I have been working in the tourism sector for 35 years and for 20 years we have been working with school tourism; in the beginning with schools from Canada and later on with Irish and French schools, mainly language schools.

So are the students who come to your agency interested in study trips in Europe?

Yes, as I told you I work a lot with the Irish and French schools. In Ireland I usually send many students; it is a very interesting and growing market.

Well, how many students do you work with each year?

About fifty students a year. This year, unfortunately, the economic situation in Mexico has not been the best due to the change of government and this has certainly affectedno doubt about it.

But are there no public funds to guarantee students’ training abroad?

No, for language courses there aren’t. Students who attend a language course abroad generally do so with their own money and consider that the Viajes Nuevo Leon mainly organizes language courses abroad rather than other types of programs.

Is your mission to support students at all stages of mobility abroad?

Yes exactly. We provide Visa, all the needed documents for the travel and the school enrollment and we also provide accommodation.

The search for partner schools, how it happens? Do you participate in international fairs?

Since we have been working in this sector for many years, we already know many schools, but the best way to partner with new schools is certainly by participating to international fairs.

The schools we work with are all very good so that our past customers continue to recommend us to future generations.

Some international schools also come to visit our agency, but as for new partnerships, international fairs are an excellent opportunity and I will continue to participate in them.

Agents fairs allow agencies to meet different schools and create new partnerships facilitating your work. Is it a true statement?

Absolutely. Last year’s ETN Focus event, for example, was helpful and I really enjoyed it. An innovative event here in Mexico City.

Well, I’m glad to know this. So that’s enought for now and I thank you for this interview you and I hope to see you in Mexico for our ETN Focus in October  on DATE

Thank you very much, Alessandra. I will surely attend the fair and i look forward to meeting you there.

Thanks Rodolfo, so… see you in Mexico

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