Why small fairs are better: interview to Franco Rossi, Language Leader

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Agents’ fairs, the growing trends in the education sector, the most requested destinations by kids and adults: these and others are the topics covered by Franco Rossi, Educational Director of Language Leader (Novate Milanese) in this interview with Alessandra Martinelli, Head of International Relations for ETN Focus.

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Tell me a about Language Leader: how long have you been present on the market?

Language Leader has been ensuring the highest quality in language training activities for 19 years. It offers a wide range of individual and group language courses at all levels and in the main languages; courses abroad, study trips and study holidays, the easiest way to improve the knowledge of modern languages is ​​by visiting the countries of origin.

What are the positive aspects of your job?

I personally believe that the best thing is that we can use the knowledge and our experience to offer different types of programs, tailored programs; Language Leader as well as being an agency is also a language school and this allows us to offer a complete study travel offer abroad.
We also work with many foreign schools so that we are able to expand our knowledge: in this sense, it’s one of the most interesting aspects of my job.

I imagine there are also problems to deal with

Well among the major problems there is the competition with the other larger agencies and to be able to communicate to the customer the value and quality of our offer.
It’s a very competitive sector, you know.

Which age group do you work with the most?

We work with children aged 5 or 6 but also with adults; we really have customers of all ages but perhaps the greatest demand is from the youngest and therefore we also propose many Junior programs.

And what are the most popular destinations?

Mainly England but also other countries and what we try to do often is to orient our customers not only on big cities but on small towns too; the youngest ones towards smaller towns and the adults in cities where the presence of Italians is lower (York, Manchester …) …

According to your experience, what is the growing trend in recent years?

Mostly academic programs for middle and high schools then the quarter, semester or school year abroad.

Do you think it’s useful to attend fairs?

Yes, attending international fairs is always useful because it allows you to expand contacts with new educators and therefore allows you to know other partners and make yourself known.

Do you generally participate in numerous fairs?

I do not attend large fairs, only small fairs. I prefer them because there is the possibility of prolonged contact and therefore of deepening the knowledge of the schools. I find them much more useful and interesting.

Well, thank you for this brief interview you gave me and I hope to meet you at our ETN Focus in Milan on the 6th and 7th of September.

Of course, I will do my best to be present in Milan in September for the ETN Focus. I found last year event really positive, useful and different for the others.

Thanks a lot. So does the event have a structure that works for you?

Absolutely. I like the small and sophisticated formats and it would be even better if there was even more space to socialize with both schools and other operators. Obviously the space is already more than enough but if there were still more it would be really great.

Thank you also for these considerations. See you soon.

The pleasure is mine. See you soon.

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