The international fairs are a good opportunity to meet new schools and make new agreements: interview to Luz Leon, TECAMA VIAJES CURSOS Y CAMPS SA DE CV

Here’s a new episode of the ETN Focus interview. Alessandra Martinelli, Head of International Relations for ETN Focus, talks to Luz Leon, General Director for the Mexican agency TECAMA VIAJES CURSOS Y CAMPS SA DE CV.

What are the topics covered during their interview? Just read and see!

Hi Luz, it’s a pleasure to speak with you again.

Hi Alessandra, the pleasure is mine. I hope you are well.

Very well, thank you. Won’t you tell me a bit about TECAMA VIAJES CURSOS Y CAMPS SA DE CV.

Yes, with pleasure. We have been active in this market for 43 years. As soon as we started the only destination we guaranteed was Canada and we didn’t offer all the services we can offer today. We are currently able to provide students with multiple educational experiences such as the Summer Camps or language courses or the entire school year abroad but also specialization courses in a foreign country. We work with individuals but also with groups of schools, at present we offer programs and courses in schools all over the world, not only in Canada, like when we started 43 years ago; more than 200, a number that is growing year by year. We like to broaden our horizons and to tell you the truth we also greatly appreciate the small schools that personally welcome students or schools that offer new and different programs; we are careful in choosing schools, we care a lot about this.

Do you think there are any negative and positive aspects in your job?

Yes, among the positive aspects the fact of being able to relate to many people around the world stands out and also note the differences that exist between one country and another.

As to the negative aspects, I do not see many of them because we always try to adapt to the needs of families and to face all the difficulties also through an internal organization that guarantees that the service we provide is among the best and reassuring even for the parents of the students who choose to leave.

How many students do you work with every year?

More or less we have between 500 or 600 students per year.

And what is the average age of clients?

It depends on the programs. For the Summer Camp, children are between 8 and 18 years old and for adults aged 15 and above; not long ago we have orgaized a package for a 83 years old man;
we have no problems in this regard.

Which are the most populr destinations??

Without a doubt, Canada is easier for Visa reasons and then there are excellent schools that guarantee excellent training. Then we have requests also for Europe, especially in England, even if the main difficulty for the Mexicans is the cost of the flights. However, being a very popular  destination we try to organize study trips to Europe a year in advance.

And what about public funding? Are there scholarships that allow students to spend a period of training abroad?

Actually, for language courses, no. For Masters or high school graduates, yes, there is CONACYD but it is for young people who have a degree and want to continue studying.

So generally those who choose attend a language course or an experience abroad do so with their own money?

Yes, for language courses yes.

With regard to fairs, do you generally participate in these kind of international events?

Yes, every year we participate in international fairs because it is on that occasion that we have the opportunity to meet new schools and make new agreements.

So do you consider them useful?

Yes, because you have the opportunity to meet many people, the representatives of the schools and then make yourself known. You can sign agreements and get to know schools all over the world. I met an Italian school once at a fair I was able to work with them because students went to study English in Italy and this was an innovative program; that’s what we like to offer.

Well, having participated last year in our ETN Focus in Mexico City, would you like to tell me your impressions?

Yes, ETN Focus is completely new kind of fairs. it’s a great opportunity for Mexican people because they don’t have to travel far or go abroad to attend an international event; it is a fair on site. I loved it and at the next I would like to meet even more schools. In Mexico there are many possibilities, it is a great market for international schools so I hope that more and more schools will participate. It would be nice if there were schools that offer summer camps or for language courses but also schools for the whole school year or semester.

There are schools offering promotions for Latin-Americans and it would be interesting if they could carry on with these promotions.

Well, it will certainly be interesting for schools to have all this info. Thank you

I thank you for interviewing us. Have a great day!

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