UPDATE: PON projects deadline now moved to 15 June

Following a postponement of the initially announced official PON projects submission deadline from 28 May to 8 June, the Italian Ministry of Education has now extended the deadline for submissions of European Citizenships projects&nbsp to 15 June.

According to the official statement, the extension came as a result of an interruption of the computer service caused by network overload that has prevented normal operation of the whole system.

You will find a summary of all calls with the new terms modified for some procedures in the official announcement you can read here (in Italian).

Specifying that some terms have remained unchanged, the Ministry calls for collaboration in spreading out this information as much as possible.


PON 2017 Overview

Earlier this year, the Italian Ministry of Education announced the funding and initiatives that will be available for the 2017 PON Programme. The set of strategic key actions was published through a series of Calls for Action in February, March and April, encompassing in particular:

  • Language learning aimed at allowing secondary-level Italian students to receive formal certification corresponding to at least B1 level of the EU framework. 
  • European citizenship enhancement, promoting exchanges and mobility experiences abroad 
  • Connection with the professional sphere, allowing work placement experiences for Italian students aged 16-19 in Italy and abroad 


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