Top 5 reasons why Italian students decide to go to study abroad

Every year an increasing number of Italian students chooses to spend a period of study abroad.

Most of them benefit from European funds such as Erasmus Plus scholarships, Alternanza Scuola- Lavoro, Pon Projects, Inpsieme, etc., but there are also many who choose to organize their experience with the support of specialized agencies.

As for young high school students, for example, student mobility is certainly in continuous expansion: between 2009 and 2016 there was an increase of Italian students engaged in training activities abroad of 111%: it went , in fact, from 3,400 to 7,400 units.

Almost 38 thousand are the students who, with the Erasmus + program for 2017/2018, have moved abroad to study.

Italian students are therefore increasingly living out with a suitcase and the number is certainly destined to grow.

What motivates students to go abroad for a language and training experiences?

Here’s the top 5 reasons:

1. Learn a second language

It might seem the most obvious reason but it’s a fact that students who leave for a study holiday abroad or participate in a cultural exchange do so to improve or learn a second language; in an increasingly globalized world knowing a second language is fundamental, both in the school and – above all – in the working environments.

2. Education system

Another reason why many young people decide to go to study abroad is the possibility of experimenting with different styles of education; immersing themselves completely in the educational system of another country is a great opportunity to truly understand people, traditions and differtent cultures.

3. New Horizons

Studying abroad offers the opportunity to meet and interact with people of different nationalities, religions and cultures and to understand the different nuances and facets of life.

When abroad we are exposed to new people, new cultures, new environments and new behaviors.

It is essential for Italian students to combine the study experience with the experience of living in a local family to increase opportunities to practice the language, closely observe the traditions and customs of the country and to improve their adaptation skills . And why not, make “longlife friendships”.

4. Career Opportunities

At the end of the study program abroad, students go back to their Country with a new point of view on culture, new language skills and a renewed will to learn; needless to say, these are very interesting points for future employers.

Many students fall in love with the host Country and decide to look for a job there because they believe – rightly – that local education is very valuable when looking for a job in that same country.

5. Life in the college

Living in a Campus is an experience that will fill young Italian students with enthusiasm: sports, afternoon and evening activities with other students of all nationalities, lunch and dinner with other students and daily contact with mother-tongue teachers and animators.

The experience in college allows students to create links between them who enjoy a study experience in a foreign country.

Making friends in a context like this is very simple and it’s a great to create an international network of friendship.

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