Small agents fairs are a growing trend. Here’s the top 3 reasons why

The international education industry has been growing rapidly over the last couple of decades; in fact, globalization has pushed the demand for education abroad to an unprecedented level.

According to UNESCO, the number of students studying abroad is expected to reach 8 million by 2025.

More and more young students and university students are keen on spending a period of study or training in a foreign country: an experience of study or work abroad, during or at the end of the course of study, is an added value to their curriculum because it allows them to improve their professional and personal skills that lead to acquire the qualifications required by the labor market.

Consequently, the educational proposal by the educators has increased and differentiated accordingly: from the language courses to the summer camps, up to the possibility of attending a quarter, a semester or a whole year abroad.

International student recruitment is becoming a priority for institutions around the world that are constantly looking for new ways to reach as many students as possible.

In addition to the virtual world (websites, social media, email campaigns) a really effective way to make their proposals known is to participate in International Fairs, the so-called Agents Fair.

Designed to facilitate the connection and the relationship between educators and agents, these fairs allow schools to meet new potential partners in order to create new and profitable partnerships.

From London to New York, many are the cities in the world that host these events where educators and agents meet to guarantee new and different learning experiences for students.

In recent years the interest of agents seems to have moved towards participation in smaller and less dispersed fairs that host a limited number of participants rather than large fairs.

Here you can read the TOP 3 reasons why smaller sized fairs are now a growing trend:

1. It is certainly advantageous for local agents to attend to events in which the schools have been carefully selected; an agent who participates in a Fair of this type is certainly prepared to build new partnerships with institutions of guaranteed quality.

2. The limited number of participants allows international schools to have the right visibility, the right spaces and the right amount of time to show their educational offers and to accurately introduce themselves.

3. The presence of a limited number of participants makes it possible to forge relationships that allow the establishing of relationships of trust, also thanks to moments dedicated to informal networking (dinners, lunches and coffee breaks). It is essential for agents to give a face to an institution; this facilitates the creation of new partnerships and collaborations.

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