Why is it important to use student testimonials?

Student testimonials are probably the most powerful tool when it comes to international communication. They play a very important role in improving your marketing communication and proving your credibility to existing and potential clients (students and their parents).

In the era of Internet, testimonials should necessarily become your choice when building up a marketing content strategy. Moreover, student testimonials touch students beyond the institutional promotional message. If done well, testimonials represent a more authentic, real-life evidence of the experience students have had at your school or university.

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How to create a student testimonial?

All you have to do is to ask your current students to dedicate some time and answer to questions, such as: what convinced them to study at your school, why did they make a choice to study there, and how did it help them to grow. Ask them to describe how this experience changed their lives and why would they recommend it to their friends and relatives. Take a picture of each student giving the testimonial, or even better, take a video interview of the student.


Testimonials for international recruitment

The first thing to do in order to attract international students to your school is to publish student testimonials at your institution’s website. Testimonials are particularly effective when it comes to international student recruitment. Applying to a foreign college or university is a huge thing and always a hard choice to make. What helps you in making the decision of which school to choose is the opinion of people you are already familiar with or people who have similar historical background. Video and written testimonials are very important in answering common concerns and in establishing trust.

Testimonials are one of the most effective ways to prove that your institution is worthy your potential students choice. If used correctly, they could turn into a successful strategy to retain and recruit students.



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