Fairs, new trends and student preferences: interview to Debora Piva, FulviaTour

ETN Focus's sixth appointment with the world of education. This time we spoke to Debora Piva, Head of Group Travel of FulviaTour, agency of Adria (Ro). Fairs, new trends and student preferences are some of the topics covered during the interview.
Posted On 25 Jun 2019

Transforming Higher Education: 10 Global Factors

A report released by the British Council earlier this year reveals the 10 biggest current trends on the global higher education landscape. Although the report discusses these trends from a British point of view, we believe that the information will be interesting for...
Posted On 13 Oct 2017

Webinar: Explore Student Recruitment Opportunities In China

Following the success of our webinar on the Latin American market, we are now happy to invite you to our next upcoming LIVE WEBINAR: “Explore new student recruitment opportunities in China” Nearly 1,000,000 Chinese students are currently studying abroad in institutions all over...
Posted On 20 Jul 2017

Vietnamese Students: How Do You Recruit Them?

Vietnam is a country with remarkable history of development. Since 1986, it has turned from one of the world’s poorest regions into one of the world’s fastest-growing economies! Vietnam’s current population is over 95 million people or 1.27% of the world’s total population....
Posted On 18 Jul 2017

Going Beyond The Top 4: Why Adding More Countries To The Mix Is Essential?

China, India, South Korea and Saudi Arabia are the top 4 source markets for international students in the world. These countries are famous for producing the biggest numbers of students who enjoy the benefits of international mobility. Knowing this, many educators...
Posted On 19 Jun 2017

5 Key Factors In Picking Universities Abroad

Choosing the right university abroad is a difficult process and making the final decision can be even tougher. But most of the times, students will consider at least a couple of the following 5 key factors: Factor #1: Cost of tuition We always try to make a point that the...
Posted On 08 Mar 2017

Higher Education Trends: Globalized World Built On MOOCs?

Today we would like to take a step back and try to take a look at the bigger picture. We keep asking ourselves: what will be the future of higher education? What role will studying abroad play in it? Is the popularity of massive open online courses (commonly known as MOOCs)...
Posted On 21 Dec 2016

Being Precise: 10 Free Resources for Understanding International Student Mobility

International student recruitment is a lot about dealing with statistical data. Where do students come from and where are they likely to go study? What is the usual age of the international student? For how long are they studying abroad? What kind of direction they are taking and...
Posted On 01 Nov 2016

The Future of Education: How Many People Go Studying Abroad?

In 2015, global leaders gathered in South Korea and discussed the future of education. Together, they prepared the Incheon Declaration for Education 2030, which provides a holistic view on the upcoming years of all lifelong learning opportunities and possibilities for quality...
Posted On 23 Jun 2016